This functionality allows leaseholders to receive an automatic email the moment an agent has allocated a receipt to their account.

To activate this feature the following conditions need to be met:

- In Ownership Details the Email Payment Receipt option needs to be ticked


- This option is not selected by default and will need to be ticked for each leaseholder you want to receive an automatic email receipt

- The owner will need to have a valid email address

- At least one of the owner's emails need to be active for correspondence

If those 3 conditions are fulfilled then email will be sent as soon as Payment has been recorded in one of the following ways:

- using the Bulk Payment option on the leaseholder's statement

- using the Add Payment on Account option from More Actions on the leaseholder's statement

- using the Add Payment option on an invoice that is on the leaseholders statement

- using the New payment option on the Bank reconciliation pageĀ 

- using the Create leaseholder credit option on the reconciliation page


- When you are using the Bulk Payment option it might create more than one payment on the leaseholder's statement but only one email receipt will go out confirming the total amount of the bulk payment

The message will not be sent when you are adding an opening balance or credit note.

You can access and amend the message that is being sent by going to Templates/Message Templates/Payment Receipt where content of the default receipt message is kept. There you can also create alternative versions of this message.

Below you can see the default email payment receipt sent to one of the leaseholders:

You can selected which Payment receipt message is being used by assigning it to the correct configuration template in Settings/Templates/Configuration Templates/Message Templates