Messages tab - Allows you to see and send all correspondence regarding this ticket. Messaging in the ticket is two-way which means when you respond to the submitter they will receive your email and can respond to you directly from their inbox without logging in to Resident

REMARK: Messages will show you the whole conversation with the latest message on the top. By default only top and bottom message will be opened. The rest of them will be collapsed.

REMARK: If the new message has been received in the ticket its status will automatically change to 'Open'

The refresh button on the top left allows you to check for any replies. Otherwise the system will do it every 15 min.

'Reply All' and 'Reply' will open a pop-up in which you will be able to compose a new message:

Reply All will include all people involved in the ticket thread and Reply just ticket submitter.

Below you can see the pop-up together with each field description:

List of fields:

- subject will always be ticket's Subject and it is locked from editing.
- You can add or remove recipients here.
- You can add any email addresses which are not in Resident. Simply type them and press 'Enter'
- You can email whole group of leaseholders by selecting 'Leaseholder' from the list
- You type your message here
- You can add any attachment to be sent with your message. - File needs to be less than 20 MB