This short article is presenting all actions the agent can take on an existing ticket.

- Block/Unit assignment

Tickets that are submitted by existing users will be automatically assigned to the existing block and unit but the agent can decide to change it. This might be required if a leaseholder owns multiple properties.

- Priority - It allows the Agent to assign the ticket by priority. It can also be set up by a Submitter if they are doing it through leaseholder portal.

- Status - Changing status will have an impact on the List of Tickets (Resolved tickets do not show there by default) and those tickets will not be included in the list sent with Unresolved reminder.

Open - status which means the ticket requires some action. It could be submitted or responded to recently. Each ticket that is responded to will change its status to Open and Agent assigned will be notified.

In Progress - This status will be best for tickets which have been responded and are dealt with. Tickets in this status will not be included in Agent Not Actioned reminder.

Resolved - status of tickets which do not require any further action. They can still be accesses on the List of Tickets after unticking box 'Unresolved'

- Assignee - Allows you to assign a ticket to specific property manager. The agent will be notified as soon as a ticket is assigned and also all notifications related to this ticket will go to Assignee.

- Tags - tags allow you to add short descriptions which can be used to filter, search or group tickets related to the same type of issue.

- Creating Works Orders and Tasks - those two parts in Details tab allow you to create Works Orders and Tasks form this ticket which will be permanently bounded to this ticket. 

- Messages - this tab keeps the whole thread of the conversations. You can reply here to the ticket and person who will receive your reply, will be able reply to this email without logging into the system.

The system checks for new messages every 15 min but you can also force it using the Refresh button on the left hand side.

- Notes - You can keep here any internal notes about the ticket.