This article explains how to use the Checklist facility to generate and download an LPE1 pack. Resident will automatically pull together an LPE1 pack for each block.

If you would like to learn more about Checklists and how to create them please check articles Handy Checklists and Checklist Templates.

Resident gives you an option to generate an LPE1 pack using the Checklist section under each Leasehold section. 

Checklist LPE1 will allow you to save answers and download them as a pdf.

It will also download for you a set of essential documents if you store all those documents within the correct sections of Resident. Please see the below description of what is included:

- LPE1 form - pdf document with all your answers generated automatically after you complete the form

- The most current budget - pdf copy of the most recent approved budget

- Unit statement - up to date property statement

- 3 most recent documents from the section 'End of Year Accounts' - This category can be found in Company/Company Info/Company Records/End of Year Accounts

- The most recent file uploaded to Memorandum & Articles of Association - This category can be found in Company/Company Info/Legal Information/Memorandum & Articles of Association

- The most recent file uploaded to Building Insurance Section - This category can be found in Block/Insurance/Building Insurance

- The most recent file uploaded to Asbestos Risk Management Section - This category can be found in Block/Maintenance/Categories/Health and Safety/Asbestos Risk Management

- The most recent file uploaded to Health and Safety Risk Assessment Section - This category can be found in Block/Maintenance/Categories/Health and Safety/Health and Safety Risk Assessment

To create an LPE1 just go to the Leasehold section e.g. Unit List/Current Owner

Then from your left-hand side menu select section Checklists

This section will show you all previously created checklists e.g. 

If it is your first checklist this section will be empty.

Now you just click the button Create New Checklist

And select from the available checklists the one called LPE1 Leaseholder Property Enquiries

This will open an empty checklist to complete and save.

Now the only thing to do is complete the Sections/Questions listed. None of the questions are mandatory. 

Also a Checkist can be saved at any stage and then updated later.

While completing questions on the Checklist you will notice there are a few different types:

1. Text field - basic text fields. Answers to those questions can be as elaborate as necessary. You can type in any format.

2.  Tick-box answers - Yes/No type question for which you just tick box below.

3. Single choice question - you select your answer from options available on the drop-down menu

4. Date - you can answer that question only with data in the date format.

5. Number - The answer field will only accept digits.

Additionally in section 8 you will find some questions with the 'folder' icon next to them.

This means you can attach a file to those questions. Just click on this icon and you will see a pop up with an upload field.

Once your file is attached the icon will turn green.

After completing some/all of the questions just press 'Create' button at the bottom.

After saving the checklist you will be given a 'More Actions' button with the option to Download or Delete.

When you press Download you will see confirmation screen detailing what will be downloaded.

If you select 'Yes' then Resident will ask you which template you want to use to download questions/answers from your template.

In the next step you should receive a message in the bottom right corner that your LPE1 is being prepared

When it is ready you will get an email and a notification


- After creating your first checklist on a block it will remember all your answers when you create a new one on the same block. This memory function is block specific so you should have to create an LPE1 from the beginning till the end for each block only once once.

- Although we give you a checklist template (all questions and answer fields) and a document template to download them to PDF it is not fixed and you can modify it anyway you want. For more information on how to edit checklist templates please use the article Checklist Templates.

- Checklists templates are kept in Settings/Templates/Checklist Templates and Document template is kept in Settings/Templates/Document Templates