Checklists are functionalities in Resident enabling you to create lists of questions of various types, all from a bespoke template which you can prepare yourself. Go to Settings/Templates/Checklist Templates. If you would like to know how to create a Template please follow this link. Checklists can be used for many purposes. For instance you could have a Takeover Checklist with any tasks and documents you need to complete or upload when signing up a new block. They can even be used as a store for essential block information such as block documents or Property Manager contact details, visible to Leaseholders.

Checklists are kept in a separate section on the left-hand side menu under Estate, Block and Unit. 

On the example below, you can see how to create a Block Checklist. This example uses a previously prepared Template with Property information.

First, we go to 'Block' and then on the sub-menu we select 'Checklists'.

After clicking on the button 'Create new checklist' it will ask you to select from existing templates.

Once that has been selected you will be given a pre-configured form to complete. You do not have to complete all fields at this stage, only those which have been marked as 'Required' on the Template. 

After finishing this Template it will remain in this section. You can always update details, change attachments or add any Tasks and Notes.

Anyone who opens a Checklist can access Notes, Files or Tasks using the icons on the right. Checklists can be made available to Leaseholders or Directors, limited to "View only".