If you are encountering problems with Resident or you cannot find the answer to your question on the knowledge base please raise a ticket like so:

You will find the ticket option after you access Help widget on the top right hand side of Resident screen.

Once clicked this will bring up the the widget with the option to ' Raise a Support Ticket' at the bottom:

After you click on it a new ticket form will open where you can put details of your issue:

If you scroll down on it you will also find an option to upload any files up to 5

Please see a breakdown and instruction below:

Your Name: It is not a mandatory field but we encourage you to complete it especially when you are using generic email for Resident

Email: This should be auto-completed when you have an email added to your Resident profile. All updates about this query will be sent to that email.

Subject: This will appear first to the support team so please try to keep it brief but informative. Please avoid titles like 'Help!' or 'Same problem as before' as these tickets will be more difficult to find later on if we need return to it

Block: Not mandatory but will very often useful when investigating the issue. It is also the first thing support might ask you for.


This is the body of the ticket. 

Please ensure that you give as much detail as possible when you fill out the ticket. We want to avoid asking too many follow up questions and prolonging the time the issue is unresolved. When we have all of the information in the submission we are far more likely to resolve the issue first time. Please avoid submitting a simple statement like 'I need help. I can't make a unit' or 'Please call me' as these tickets will take longer to resolve because we will need to ask for more details so that we can look into the problem.

Please provide the following:

  • A description of the problem you are encountering
  • Your name
  • Your account/agency name so that we can open your account
  • A link to the location you are having the issue by simply highlighting the web address as shown below and copying and pasting it into the ticket. 

Attach Files: Here you can attach any files that are relevant to the query. This might be reports, screenshots, invoices etc.

Once you have filled out the ticket fully please click 'Create ticket'

You will receive a confirmation email once this is raised and an email alert when you get a response or the ticket is resolved.