Sending And Receiving Messages

We can send messages from almost all sections of Resident. Whenever we see the 'Messages' option this means that we can add a note to this specific item or area on Resident.

Here we can see the messages section of a block:

On the left we can filter the message status like so:

On the right we can create a new message by clicking the 'New Message' button. Once clicked we will see the messaging form. We can now fill this out to send messages throughout Resident.

Contacts: Here we can select to send the message to only specific users, suppliers, people (Leaseholders etc.) or to groups of people such as Directors or Administrators. We can add more than one. They will stack like so:

Subject: This will be the subject of our message. This will also appear as the subject of the email notification the users will get.

Body of Message: We can type our message here. If we are attaching a document we can reference this here.

Attachments: We can attach any documents or images here.

Once filled out we can now click 'Send' and these messages will be sent out. Please allow some time for this message to appear in 'Sent' depending on how many recipients there are. 

All messages added across Resident will be accessible by everyone with permissions to view messages.

When we enter a block with messages added it will show with a number indicator like so:

You can see all messages sent a received by yourself and their locations in the 'My Work' section of Resident under 'Messaging'.