Logging different maintenance types and categories so you can easily look up all the details and keep track of progress

This section is where you can create and keep a log of all your maintenance requests, monitor progress, raise the relevant invoices and keep track of payments. We’ve listed for you all the most common maintenance issues, and grouped them into the relevant categories to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your maintenance requests. 

Click on the arrow on the right of the screen under Category to see a drop down list of all the maintenance categories included within Resident. 

Select one from the list and you’ll see on the main screen a further breakdown of categories relevant to the one you've selected. For example, in the screenshot below, we've clicked on Health and Safety as the main category, to reveal a further drop down list as shown.

Click on the Action button to the right of each one to see more details. You'll go through to a screen with several different tab options, as shown below. The first two tabs show you which invoices in that particular category are still outstanding or have already been paid. Refer to the Lists article for more on how to manage the lists view on this screen.

You can see what Works Orders have been raised for that category by clicking on the third tab. Any Works Orders raised are also shown on your Block Dashboard, as the screenshot below shows, and you can click on that panel to access them too.

If you click on the Files tab on the far right, you can upload documents relevant to that particular category. This Files Upload article will talk you through the steps. 

You can also view and send messages from here, make notes, and set tasks with reminders to prompt you when it's due.