How to add, edit and look up users like Agents or Company Members related to your block

The Contacts section is where you can look up and add any Contact related to your block. 

They’re divided into Users, like Agents or Company Members, and Suppliers. 

When you click on Users and Contacts, you'll see this screen, already populated with the contacts that were added when you set up your Block and Unit owners. Refer to the Lists Navigation article for more tips on how to use lists. 

You can edit existing details, by clicking on the Action icon to the right of each entry. This takes you through to this screen, 

where you can check what Units and Companies they are linked with, what level of Access they have and add Notes or view the Log. You can also edit their information by clicking on the Details tab. At the bottom of that screen, you'll see a prompt if they are not a Resident user, and by clicking on the black More Actions button at the bottom of your screen, it gives you the option to Send Invite to join Resident. 

You can add other Contacts by clicking the Create New Person button at the top of the screen. Type in the new Contact's details, web address, a little more information about them in the Description field if you wish. You can add their contact details too, and whether the email or phone number is work or home, or mobile for example.

 If you need to enter more than one address or phone number, a new field will appear automatically below once you’ve entered the first one. Start typing in the address field and a drop down will appear, so you can pick the address from that list, rather than having to type it all in. 

To make life easier, you can download a spreadsheet with all your contacts’ details. You can find out how to do this in the Download Contact to Mail Merge article.