Explaining the Company Members area and how to edit, message or add new members details

The Members area is where the details of all the Directors and Shareholders are held. You can edit their details or membership directly from this screen. 

You can also see a list of all the Company Directors,  Shareholders and Secretaries details by clicking on the relevant section in the left hand side menu.

From there you can also edit their tenure details if you need to by clicking on the Action icon to the right of each entry, and also amend the number of shares they hold or certificate number(shareholders only). Remember to click Save Changes before you exit the screen, or you can Cancel, or Delete by clicking on the black More Actions button.

You can see personal details of existing owner after clicking on the View icon:

Shareholder will also have one more icon in the Actions column which allows to download Share or Membership Certificate. It will pull PDF share(Private Limited Company) or membership(Private Company Limited By Guarantee Without Share Capital) certificate. You can find examples of default templates attached to this article.

You can also Add new Directors, Shareholders or Secretaries by clicking on 'Create a new member' button at the top left of the screen.  Adding Director, Shareholder and Secretaries details means that you can communicate with them quickly online via the system. The system will prompt you to enter the dates of their membership. You will be able to add the number of shares on the Shareholder tab. 

If their details have previously been entered into Resident, tick the Existing Person box, and you'll be able to select them from the drop down list that appears. If not, you'll have to enter all their details. The only mandatory one is the Full Name.


- If you are adding their email address and you want to use it for communication/invoicing available in the system please remember to activate communication options (in the red box on the last picture)