Basic navigation functions for Resident using the menu panels

1. Landing pages

Depending on your access level you will see a different landing page. The below landing page is one possibility. This will mainly be for Branch Administrators but all roles are customizable and new roles may be created so there may be other reasons you have this landing page. This page displays a global overview of all blocks.

This landing page is another possibility. This page takes the user straight to the list of their blocks. The blocks can be accessed easily by clicking on the action icon.

You may or may not see the search menu option. If you do have the search menu you may not have all of the below options either. 

If you do not have some of these features (or any features mentioned within this document) and you believe you should please contact your agency administrator for access.

1. Side menu

Upon first login the navigation menu will look like this :

Search Menu 


The search menu allows you to access your data quickly from anywhere on Resident. 

Simply type the item you are searching for into one of the search boxes and resident will display the results on the page. If you are looking for more than one item with the same name then you can type into the ‘Search All’ section and this will bring up every instance of this item within each section as shown below:



If you know what item you are looking for then you can type the name into the specific box and this will only display results of that kind. See below for example (typed into the ‘Search Blocks’ area).

My Work

My work holds your own personal items.



The calendar function displays all tasks and reminders you have assigned to you. To open a task simply click on the task and it will open in a window.

This is the opened task on the example calendar. You can seethe date, any notes made, any tags it has associated and any attachments. You can also edit the task from here.

Messaging, Tasks, Files, Notes


These are your own personal items. You will see these headings scattered around Resident. Each time you see these it will be in relation to the location you are in. Inside ‘My Work’ these will show only your own personal items.