Guide to the navigation functionality of the global dashboard in agent view

If you're logged in as an agent, you'll see this screen first. This is the Global Dashboard for all your blocks. It gives you a quick overview of all the Blocks and Units under management that you have uploaded. 

The colour tiles in the main part of the screen are shortcuts to the most common actions and act as prompts and reminders. They give you a snapshot view of Creditors, Debtors, and Bank Accounts. Under this you will find tiles for Tasks, Messages and Reports. Clicking on the panels will take you through to the main screen for that section, and you'll find specific user guides for each of them in the Help Center.

Below the tiles, you’ll see how many Blocks and Units are under management, the fee income, and locations of the Blocks. Locations section will only show you a map with all your Blocks only after clicking on it.