This article explains how to activate and use the supplier's Insurance Expiry Date field.

You can add this date for every supplier by accessing their profile.

Once it is set up following actions will happen:

1. It will create a recurrent task with the chosen date as its due date and one reminder a month prior. It's recurrence will be every 12 months. Title format will be following: 'Name of supplier' insurance expires on 'due date'. Task will be stored in Tasks under suppliers profile. Assignee will be supplier and owner will be whoever setting that date up.

2. If the date in that filed is earlier than today's date the supplier will become inactive (there is already a tick-box in case you need to do it manually) - this is checked overnight and whenever the date has been updated.

3. Completing the task from point (1) will create the next one (which normally happens for recurrent tasks) and updates the date.


- This field is not mandatory

- It has to be completed manually for each supplier

- You can see all dates for all suppliers in column AA on the Suppliers Extract spreadsheet