This article explains how to activate and use the feature of automatic fees on the arrears process.

To make it work automatic fees need to be turned on every arrears step you want them to be added e.g.

First letter - fees off - nothing happen

Second letter - fees on £20 - £20 invoice is being generated

Final step - fees on £50 - £50 invoice is being generated

If fees are active on the particular step then the moment you trigger that step an invoice for the chosen amount will be generated and added to the leaseholder account. This invoice will have the same category as the arrears you are chasing e.g. if you are chasing service charge debt then the invoice will be under the service charge category.


The invoice is being generated before the letter so the amount of arrears on the letter will already include the fees invoice.

Activating/deactivating arrears fees can be done any time in Settings/Templates/Arrears Templates/Arrears Workflow Step:

The following example will generate the invoice for £20 and send it together with the arrears letter as a separate attachment: