This article contains all the guidance on how to use the bulk download of custom invoices.

This option is available in Branch Finances/Unit Invoices More Actions.

It allows you to download revenue invoices according to selected criteria e.g for the same leaseholder. 

You can select and download only the invoices visible on one page which means that you can download at once up to 100 invoices.

The process of Bulk Download:

1. Select Bulk Download - your page will change and you will no longer have access to the View and Pay actions. Instead there will be a checkbox which you should use to choose the invoices you want to download.


- You can only select invoices visible on the page. You can change number of previewed invoices at the bottom of the page.

- To do a bulk download you need to select at least one invoice

- You can still search for invoices but please remember that any new search will clear the invoices previously selected.

2.Select all the invoices you want to download

3. Once your selection is done press the 'Confirm Selection' button and choose the file format:

ZIP - each invoice will be an individual PDF file

MergedPdf - one Pdf file with all invoices

4. In the bottom right corner you should receive confirmation that the request is being processed

5. Once the download is ready you will receive an email which will have links to your file