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Below you can find details of all changes deployed on the 26th of July which upgrades the way Section 20 is completed on Resident.

1. Manual check for S20 criteria on the Workflow tab and before instructing.

- this can be found in the Workflow tab of every Works Order. 

After typing the amount (total cost of work) and selecting the schedule you can calculate the apportionment.

In red you will see those higher than £250. If there is at least one red figure then the job qualifies under S20 consultation. There is also an option to Download this apportionment into an excel file.

Similar functionality has also been added to the Instruct and Instruct and Email buttons in the Work tab. This one is using amount added in the field Approved Quote Amount and is only showing the units which contribute more than £250

If there is no such unit the following message will appear:

2. New way of generating letters for S20 stages. Now you generate bespoke letter per leaseholder. 

- In the attachment you can find a list of new codes you can use for formatting your letters

This change applies to the letters generated in the Workflow tab when S20 consultation stages are triggered (Notice of Intent, Statement of Estimates and Notice of Reason). Each step works in a similar way. Please find below a detailed description of each. 

Notice of Intent:

2a. Press the button to generate Notice of Intent letters and start the consultation

2b. Choose in how many days you would like to receive a reminder

2c.  Now the step has been completed and the request to generate the letter is being processed on the server (red frame). You can also now complete Consultation Comments for Statement of Estimates (purple frame) they need to be added and saved before you move to the Statement of Estimates step.

2d. Once the the letters are generated you will see two new buttons under Actions headed on the right which will allow you to download and send them.

2e. If you decide to download them you will be able to choose Merged Pdf or Zip file with all individual letters. 

2f. If you decided to send your letters through Resident the envelop will turn initially yellow which means the system is still sending them and there are still some to go

once the are all done it will turn green:

And in Messages section on the left hand side menu you will be able to see which have gone out and which not due to e.g. lack of email (empty recipient column)

2g. Before you move to the Statement of Estimates stage and complete actions 2a - 2e please make sure you have added following:

- Consultation Comments for Statement of Estimates on the Notice of Intent step

- At least one quote in the Quotes tab. 

- At least one of the Quotes in the Quote tab is marked as preferred. 

2h. Before you move to the Notice of Reason stage and complete actions 2a - 2e please make sure you have added following: 

- Consultation Comments (for Notice of Reasons) on the Statement of Estimates step

- Approved Supplier on the Work tab

3. Third step for S20 process is now available.

- We have now extended our Section 20 consultation to the third step. It has its own dedicated message and document template. It also has a reminder with a configurable deadline.

- In attachment you can find the default template of the third letter.

4. Bulk download of all letters in one PDF.

- As mentioned in the point 2e. you can now bulk download personalized letters for each step. 


1. Default message and document templates for the new step Notice of Reasons have been added to your portfolio.

2. All templates for other steps are exactly the same so if you would like to personalize them you have to do it yourself. New codes for the document templates are attached to this article. Tags for Messages are built into the system and can be selected when configuring the body of any message in Templates/Message Templates

3. Apportionment check on the buttons Instruct and Instruct and Email is only active if tick box Follow RICS has been selected in the Settings/Agency Settings.