This article describes in detail how the Supplier Statement Extract report works.

This report will extract all the dates that you can normally see on the supplier's statement into an Excel file . If the supplier has been working for more than one block, and each of those blocks have an individual bank account, then the report will produce two tabs. Each of these tab will be the supplier statement for that specific bank account.

You can generate this report only in Branch Finances/Reporting

After clicking on the report button you will see a pop up in which you can customize the report time frame and select the supplierĀ 

If the supplier has any changes/invoices prior to the selected From Date then the first line on the downloaded excel sheet will be called 'Balance brought forward' and will show the supplier's statement balance on a day prior to the selected From Date.

Below you can find a breakdown of an example tab in this report:

At the top of the tab you can find a header with the Supplier Name, Bank Account Name and Dates you have selected for this report.

Under the header you will see a table with the all the statement details:

Columns included are as follows form the left:

Date - issue date of the Payment or the Invoice; Balance brought forward will have no date

Title - Description added to the Payment or the Invoice

Reference - the Invoice number. Payments will show the reference of the invoice they have been added to.

Demand Date - If no Due date was selected then it will be the first day of the invoice period. If no due date and period selected then it will be the issue date.

Due Date - Due date of the invoice (for the payment the due date of the invoice it has been allocated to)

Credit/Debit - Amount columns. Credits are payments made to the supplier and Debits are any purchase invoices or refunds received

Balance - Supplier's balance including the value in this row.