If you would like for your Directors to have the capability to message all leaseholders and suppliers on the block you have to enable it in the List of Roles for the role of Director. Please see the steps below:


- All the changes described below will only affect users who have the role of a director assigned to them in the Resident. Director roles can be assigned inside the block in the Company/Members/Directors section on the left hand side menu.


1. Go to 'Settings' > 'List of Roles' in your left hand side menu:

2. Select role of the Director from the list:

3. On the next screen in the drop-down menu under the heading Section find option called MyWork

4. Now on the list of permissions in the line called Messages (NOT MESSAGING!) select View All. This will allow any user with the Director role to messages anyone on the block.

5. The last step is to update this permission at the bottom of the page. Users with the Director role will notice the change as soon as they refresh their page.