This article describes how information is being pulled and presented on the PDF version of the Budget Vs Expenditures (BvE) report.

This format of the BvE report is a simplified version of the Excel report. It shows you the budgeted categories and their totals against expenditures recorded in that financial year against them.

At the bottom of the report you will also be able to see if there is any shortfall in the budget. Shortfall will be calculated based on the apportionment from the schedules for each unit.

Below you can find a short description of each column:

Detail - Name of the Unit, Schedule or Category. It will include categories from the budget and those not budgeted which have schedule used in the budget assigned.

Budget - amount included in the budget

Actual (top of the report) - total of expenditures for that category. The default version of the report includes only invoice items here. To include payment please see Remark 1 below.

Percentage - apportionment from the schedule for that unit

Actual (in the shortfall part) - amount of deficit for the unit

Remark 1:

- If you would like this report to show you paid expenditures (payments, payments on account, refunds and ledger items) instead of those invoiced please upload the template attached to this article in Settings/Templates/Document Templates/Report - Budget vs. Expenditure