This article will lay out the process of deleting duplicate profiles correctly.

If you are seeing that your Leaseholder/Director is appearing twice then it is likely that this person has been created twice when creating new units or memberships etc. Resolving this can be a tricky process so the best way to ensure that is is smooth is to complete the process in a specific way and order:

1. Identify the profile you would like to be the main profile and mark it temporarily. If any of these roles can log in (it will indicate this from the 'Can Login' column on the left) then this is the profile you should mark (I like to put an X at the end of the name).

2. If there is more than one duplicate then I recommend numbering the rest to keep good track (make sure to out the number at the end to keep the names together)

3. Now look at the user list and they should all be together so you can see what you are dealing with. 

4. If you have any duplicate profiles with no roles you can go ahead and open these and delete them with 'More Actions' > 'Delete'. 

5. This will leave you with only profiles that already have a role (meaning they are linked to a unit as a Leaseholder or Director). 

6. Open one of the numbered profiles and click on the 'Units' tab. Here you will be able to open the unit directly. This will open into the ownership page for the unit. 

7. On the ownership page we need to click the bin icon for the duplicate profile and delete it. Now we need to refresh the page to show this.

8. Now we need to click the 'add person' icon and select 'Existing Person' and choose the name with the X at the end.  

9. We can now return to the user page and check that this numbered profile no longer has a role. We can then open and delete this numbered profile using 'More Actions' > 'Delete'.

10. If we had multiple duplicates then we would simply repeat steps 6-9 for each until only one remains and it has all units in the role column.

11. If one of your Duplicates is a Director then simply open the block and remove this numbered profile as a director and add the X marked profile using 'Existing Person' and then delete the numbered duplicate profile.