This article will provide you with guidance on how to add your Leaseholders and Directors to the system so that they can view their statements and other areas. Please see the bottom of this article for troubleshooting.

If you would like to watch a short 'How to' video, please click here


Inviting Your Leaseholders and Directors to Resident

To invite a Leaseholder/Director to Resident we must find and open their profile. To do this we must navigate to 'Settings' > 'Agency Contacts' > 'Users' and search for your Leaseholder/Director. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you see two or more entries for the same user on this page please stop here and see number 3. on the troubleshooting guide at the bottom of this article. You can return here once this has been addressed.

Once we have found them we must open their profile and check that they have an email address and that it is correct. Once we have happy, we can click 'More Actions' > 'Send Invite' and this will send an invitation out to our Leaseholder or Director. 

The User will receive the below email (The bottom part will show your own agency details and logo!):

The Leaseholders/Directors will then click the link provided and be taken to Resident to create a login. Once they have entered an email address and a password, they will be met with the below welcome screen. They will click on the 'Your Dashboard' screen to progress.

The next screen will prompt the Leaseholders/Directors  to read and agree to our Terms of Service. Leaseholders/Directors will not be able to access Resident until these are Accepted. 

Once this page has been accepted, the Leaseholders/Directors will be able to see their own respective dashboards. The dashboards by default will look as shown below. 

You will find attached to the bottom of this article the user guides for each role. These will be available for the Leaseholder and Directors to see under the 'Manual' tile.

Please note: 

- These may differ from what your Leaseholders and Directors can see if your roles have been amended at any point or if you have the maintenance ticketing package. If you have the maintenance ticketing then there will be a ticket tile available to these users. 

- The logo at the top will be your own




1. Your Leaseholder/Director is not on the list

Things to check:

1. If searching for the name has pulled up nothing try searching with a different spelling. You may have typed it incorrectly or it may have been input incorrectly originally. 

2. Try searching by phone or email address

3. Try not searching but sorting by name and scrolling through the list to find the user. 

4. If the person is a Leaseholder, try finding them by opening the block and clicking 'Block' > 'Unit List'. Here you can open the unit with the person icon. - If the person has a contact card in the ownership  as shown below then you will be able to see how it is spelled and what might have made them not appear.


-If the person does not have a contact card in the ownership then this means that this user has not yet been added. You can now add them here as the Leaseholder for that unit by clicking the grey 'add person' icon. This will add the person as a current Leaseholder.

2. Your Leaseholder/Director is added onto Resident but does not have the role of Leaseholder or Director in the 'Roles' column.

If the person is on this list but does not have a role as shown below then it means they are not assigned as a Leaseholder or Director. Please see articles below for instruction on how to do this.

Adding Company Members (Ensure that you click 'Existing Person' when adding the Director to avoid creating a duplicate profile)

Adding Leaseholders (Ensure here that you click 'Existing Person' when adding the Leaseholder to avoid creating a duplicate profile)

3. Your Leaseholder/Director is duplicated on the user list.

If you are seeing that your Leaseholder/Director is appearing twice on this list then it is likely that this person has been created twice when creating new units or memberships etc. Please see our article HERE for the methods of resolving this.

4. 'Send Invite' does not show under 'More Actions'

This will occur for the below reasons:

- The user does not have an email address. Please check that an email address has been added above and update and refresh the page once it is added

- The user has already signed up. Please see our article HERE if you are not sure if the user has signed up.

5. Leaseholder/Director has not received the invitation

- As long as your settings are default then you should be CC'd into all communications. If this has been turned off then this will be a little more difficult. Any invitations sent to Leaseholders will copy in the sendee and so you should receive a copy. If you have received a copy but the Leaseholder has not then the only suggestions we can make is for them to check their spam etc and add us to their safe senders list. 

If you have not received this email either and your profile has CC switched on then please raise a ticket for this with support.

To check if your CC is switched on please navigate to 'User Profile' > 'Edit Profile' and you will see this on the bottom of the page:

As long as this was on when you sent the invitation, you should have received a copy. 

IF YOU ARE GOING TO FORWARD TS INVITATION ON TO THE LEASEHOLDER/DIRECTOR please make sure that you forward this ONLY on to the person it was originally intended for. The links in the emails are individual to each profile and whoever clicks the link WILL sign up to see details of the profile in which it was sent from.

6. Leaseholder/Director can log in but is getting an error/password protected area

If the Leaseholder is getting a password issue or error once they have signed in please open a ticket with support. Please note that there will be a lot of restricted areas and so password protection will pop up if they are trying to access things outside of their permissions but if the password restriction is occurring upon logging in then please open a ticket.

7. Leaseholder/Director has forgotten their login details

The password can be reset by navigating to and clicking on 'request a reset'

If the Leaseholder/Director has forgotten the email they signed up with then this can be found by opening the profile of the user and clicking on 'Logs'. Here you will see all amendments made to this user. You will want to look for 'System'. There may be a few but it will be the most recent 'System' entry.

If you expand this, you will see the email address used to sign up with.

8. Leaseholder/Director would like to change the email they log in with

This can only be done by the support team. Please open a ticket and let us know their current email and the new email they would like to use.