This article will explain how to set up a bespoke version of the service charge demands for Freehold units. This feature is optional, if you decide not to set up these templates the system will carry on using the default leasehold properties. 

The following templates are available:

- Unit Freehold Service Charge Demand (Document)

- Unit Freehold Service Charge Demand Appendix (Document) 

- Unit Freehold Statement (Document) 

- Unit Freehold Service Charge Message (Message)

Remark 1

- If you decide to set up bespoke templates for Freehold properties, please make sure you set up templates for the Invoice and Statement. The only optional template is the Appendix.

Remark 2:

This feature is activated using Unit Type. Only Units with Type 'House' will be using those templates.

Remark 3:

If you have at least one unit with type 'House' all your invoice groups will be showing two tabs: Attachments and Attachments - Freehold. If you have not set up Freehold specific documents then both will have the same default selection of templates.

The instruction below is showing you how to set up your Unit Freehold templates using existing Unit Leasehold templates. Of course you can create your own bespoke templates that are completely different to the Leasehold ones.


Setup steps:

1. Go to Settings/Templates/Document Templates and create two new templates:  Service Charge for Freehold House, Statement for Freehold House

- When creating  you need to use the following types:



- There is an optional template for Freehold Appendix. It is an equivalent of a Summary of Rights for Leaseholders. If created and enabled it will always be part of the service charge for Freehold house. To create this template you must use the type:


- If you cannot find the new template types on the list please press CRTL+F5 and try again

We recommend downloading the existing templates for Service Charge Invoices, Statement and Appendix, amending them and using them when creating new Freeholder versions of them.

2. Once you have set up all documents please add a message Template in Settings/Templates/Message Templates using the Template Type 


- Once that message template is created you can find it on the list of Message Temples, access it and choose which attachments you want to be selected as default.

3. The next step is accessing the Templates/Configuration Templates and setting up your templates there. This is for bulk downloads, individual statements and emailing.

- If you do not want any appendixes please set it up to 'None' (the one in Orange)