Configuration Templates

The configuration template is the section which holds the information on which document/message templates, arrears workflows and role templates are active within that template. 

Configuration templates can be located under 'Settings' > 'Templates' > 'Configuration Templates'. You can create a configuration template for your entire agency or for a specific client for example. Below shows the layout of a configuration template.

Inside each section there are drop down boxes for each template of Resident. Here you can select the default templates or any new ones you have created.  

You can create a whole series of templates to suit your needs and assign them to a configuration template. 

This configuration template will work as a guide for Resident on how to lay out all of your documents. 

To assign a specific configuration template to a client simply open the client (via the search menu or open a block and click on ‘Client’ > ‘Details’ in the left menu) and choose your configuration template in the drop-down box. 

Layout and hierarchy of templates