The Calendar Function

The calendar function of Resident can be found under 'My Work'. This function allows you to see and manage all tasks across your account. Please see below a breakdown of the features available:

The navigation for the calendar is found on the top and bottom of the calendar on the left. It allows you to cycle through months/weeks or days depending on which display you have it on. 

The display can be found on the top and bottom right. The image above is the monthly layout. 

The weekly looks like this:

The daily simply lists tasks like this:

Tasks will show up on the calendar and can be clicked on to bring up the due date, an overview of the task, where on the account it is located, any tags given to the task, and any attachments uploaded to the task. Like so:

You can decide which types of task are showing on your calendar by ticking/un-ticking these on the top left.