Uploading A File

We can upload Files in almost all sections of Resident. Whenever we see the 'Files' option this means that we can add a file to this specific item or area on Resident.

Here we can see the files section of a block (please note the file limit of 20mb):

We have two method of uploading to Resident:

Drag and drop: Here we can simply drag the file into the box above and it will appear there ready for uploading.

Click and select: Here we can click on the box above and select our file from a location on our computer. This is the most common option.

Once selected the file will appear in the box. It displays the file size so that we do not go over the 20mb file limit and an empty progress bar. This bar will begin to fill up once we click 'Upload' to let us know that it is working.

Once uploaded files will appear with the date, time and file name like so:

All files uploaded across Resident will be accessible by everyone with permissions to view files.

When we enter a block with notes added it will show with a number indicator like so:

You can see all files uploaded and downloaded by yourself and their locations in the 'My Work' section of Resident under 'Files'.