Creating And Managing Tasks

We can create tasks in almost all sections of Resident. Whenever we see the 'Tasks' option this means that we can add a task to this specific item or area on Resident.

Here we can see the tasks section of a block:

On the left of this page we have the option to filter the tasks we see by the following options:

On the right of this page we can create a new task by clicking the 'new Task' button. Once clicked this will bring up the new task box. We will need to fill this out with out task details.

Task Title: We can give our task a name here. Since we may be assigning it to another user it would be best to give it a clear name.

Tags: This area allows us to create tags for a specific task. To create a tag all we need to do is type the word or phrase we would like and press enter. We can add more if we would like. They will appear like so as we add them:

Once we have created a tag it will be available to select later on using the arrow located on the right of this box. If a task is added anywhere but 'My Work' tags will be added automatically to give you the location of the task like so:

Here you can see that this task was raised for a Leaseholder called 'Sally Keep' in Flat 2. The tags then give the name of the block, estate, client, and agency.

Due Date: This date will appear on reminders and on the calendars of yourself and anyone assigned to this task.

Assign to: This box allows us to assign these tasks to anyone with a user account or even blocks of users such as all branch administrators. If a task is assigned to a user or group of users then it will appear in their calendar and reminders will be sent to them. 

Owner: This box allows us to assign an owner to this task. The owner will get reminders set up for this task and this will also appear in their calendar.

Reminders: Here we get to set up a reminder for this task by clicking the 'Add Reminder' button and selecting a date like so:

We can also set up multiple reminders if we keep clicking 'Add Reminder' and they will appear next to each other like so:

Task Notes: This area allows us to add a brief description of what the task relates to etc. If this task is raised anywhere other than 'My Work' then it will automatically have the location raised added in the tags and so location is not needed. 

Attachments: Here we can upload any documents needed for this task such as checklists or pictures.

We can set this task to be recurring if we need by clicking the 'Recurrence' slider above Reminders section:

This will bring up the following section:

We can now fill out this form to create a recurring task with the frequency of our choice.

Going from the top you need to select following:

1. Frequency type - Weekly or Monthly

2. Then you select frequency length.

a) for weekly, type the number of weeks between one task and a day for the week that task should be added to

b) for monthly you can either select a specific date in a month (the example below will set up a task due on the 3rd of the month, every 4 months)

Or you can decide your task should be on the specific day of the week in that month (example: this task will be generated on the first Tuesday of the month, every 3 months)

3) The last step is to select the start date of your recurrence and its length. If you select a Date or Number of Occurrences then the system will generate them all at once according to your criteria. If you choose No End Date option then system will only generate the next task due and will automatically generate the following task once this one has been completed.


- Once a task with a recurrence has been created, you will not be able to reconfigure the recurrence. To change the recurrence you have to delete it ('More Actions' > 'Delete recurrence') and start again.

- Deleting a recurrence will remove all tasks generated from that recurrence which are not completed.

- If the start date of your recurrence does not match your recurrence set up, the system will start your task from the first date which does match the recurrence criteria. In the following example, the Start Date is 22/05/2020, but the recurrence is set up on 2nd of every month, so the first task will be due on the 02/06/2020.

- If you are adding reminders to your recurrence, they will be calculated based on the Start Date and reminders date. If, on the previous example, I would add a reminder on the 20/05/2020, which is two days prior to our start date, then the system will add 2 days to each task from that recurrence reminder prior to the due date. In our case it will be for the first task 31/05/2020.

- If you add any attachments and notes to the task, they will be kept only on the first task. The exception to that rule is the 'No End Date' recurrence, which will copy all the details from the completed task to the new one.

Once we are done we will click on the 'Create' button down at the bottom left of the screen. If we are updating an already existing task, we will see a button that says 'Update' rather than 'Create'.

If we need to delete a task we can click on the black 'More Actions' button down at the very bottom, and select delete.

All tasks added across Resident will be accessible by everyone with permissions to view tasks.

When we enter a block with tasks added it will show with a number indicator like so:


You can see all tasks recorded by yourself, assigned to you, or unassigned and their locations in the 'My Work' section of Resident under 'Notes'.

Here we can also search for a specific tag in the 'Tags' box. Simply begin to type into the drop down box and it will filter the results for you.