If you have deleted anything by accident or want to restore something deleted a while back Resident has a handy feature to help you. 

The 'Undelete Items' feature will allow you to restore almost anything deleted in Resident. Here is how it works:

Begin by opening a block. The block you open should not matter as undelete items Is universal. 

Now navigate to 'Settings' and 'Undelete Items' 

This will open a page called 'Deleted Items' Here you will begin by selecting the 'Entity'. The entity is the type of item that has been deleted. 

Once you have selected the entity Resident will bring up a list of all the items within that entity to have been deleted. 

Here you will be able to sort by the following:

Once you have selected your item to restore you simply need to click the 'restore' button and this item will be restored to Resident.