Occasionally you might find that you have two or more of the same supplier saved on Resident. This could be due to importing them twice or even forgetting that you have added a supplier and adding it again. Sometimes you might find that both copies of the suppliers have invoices assigned to them. In this case you wouldn't want to delete either but you would still prefer there only to be one. The merge feature in Resident is designed to solve this problem.

If you find yourself with two or more suppliers you wish to merge into one then follow these steps:

Begin by opening the suppliers list by navigating to 'Settings' > 'Suppliers'.

This will take you to the suppliers list. One you are here click 'More Actions' > 'Merge Suppliers'.

Now you will see suppliers will have a plus sign next to them. 

Begin by selecting the main supplier. This will be the supplier whose details will remain. 

Now select all other suppliers you wish to merge into this supplier. They will appear next to each other at the top. Once you have all suppliers selected you can click 'Confirm supplier merge' to merge them.

Now you will have only one of this specific supplier. 

This will keep all invoices etc but will simply merge them into one.