Resident began our GDPR journey two years ago and we have been working hard to make sure that as a business we will be GDPR compliant by May 2018.

Together with our legal team, we are currently bringing up to date our software licence and privacy agreements, to ensure we are doing all that is required.  We will be in touch with our existing clients directly to provide relevant updates to their service contracts.  Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Is my data secure?
Yes. Resident’s online database is built with encrypted software from Microsoft’s Azure.  Microsoft designed Azure with industry-leading security measures and privacy policies to safeguard data in the cloud, including the categories of personal data identified by the GDPR.
Resident block management software, in conjunction with Azure follows the GDPR’s principles of Security by Design (SbD) and Privacy by Design (PbD). 

Do you back up my data?
Yes.  We back up our servers all the time and can restore data to any point within the last week.

Can I back up my data?
Yes.  Upon request we will give you access to your database so you can archive your data

Is Resident registered with the Information Commissions Office (ICO)?
Yes.  Our registration number is ZA330595.

What happens to my data if I leave?
Resident may destroy or otherwise dispose of any Customer Data in our possession, unless we receive a written request to deliver to you the most recent back-up of your data.

What data does Resident collect?
Through the process of providing our Resident Block Management Software services, we collect data.  This includes personal information that could identify you, such as name, work/billing address, email address, phone number, username and password, taxation details and accounting details (which may include account holder name, account number, sort code).  Such information is collected for the purposes of providing Resident Block Management Software and to store the contact details of each individual user against the Client’s Resident Block Management Software account.

Through your use of Resident Block Management Software, we may also collect data from you about someone else (such as a client, supplier, landlord or leaseholder). It is your responsibility to ensure that you are authorised to disclose this information to us and that Resident Block Management Software may collect and process this data for the purposes of providing our services.

What is the purpose of your data collection?
We process personal data in order to provide our clients and their invited users with Resident Block Management Software.

We also use the personal data we hold to improve our service, to provide support, to communicate updates to the software, notify when planned maintenance is scheduled, new features and similar related purposes.

We do not provide personal data we hold to advertising agencies, research companies or to other parties for similar, unconnected purposes.