This article gives an overview of where personal profile details of any of contacts/users are kept.

Every user or contact added to Resident has their own profile page where their details can be updated. There are also options available to choose a preferred method of contact, to disable access and to select that a contact is cc'ed into any message sent by them.

Details added in the Full Name, Salutation, Email, Phone and Address fields can be added to document templates by using the correct code. A list of codes is attached to this article. Please bear in mind that Salutation can only be added to Arrears or Mail merge letters.

On this page you can also select a preferred method of contact. Selecting or deselecting any of those options will affect how messages or invoices are delivered to a user. The only exception to this is Phone as this field is currently for information purposes only.

In the example above, our leaseholders would prefer to be contacted by email (you can email them from Resident) but they would like to receive an invoice by email and post. When downloading invoices from an invoice group you have an option to download all with a postal prefered method for invoices.

When importing units, if you add emails to a spreadsheet then the preferred method of contact and invoicing will be 'email'. Of course, you can always amend it later. In addition you can select multiple options.

Details of properties owned by this contact can be found in Units tab. The Invoices tab holds information about all invoices issued to this person and in Company Memberships their status as shareholder or director can be previewed.

This may also be quick way for you to access property details if you only know the block name.