This article is an overview of functionalities which have been released in the first stage of this project for our clients' review.This article will be available only until the end of this project and then converted into a Utilities Manual

The Utilities section can be accessed by going to a block on your left-hand side menu.

After you add that section you will see all categories for Utilities and on the right-hand side of the screen an advert for BMU (Block Management Utilities) who is the UK’s leading utility management partner and offers enhanced administration and revenue based solutions for Block Management.

Each utility can be accessed by clicking on the 'eye' icon. This article uses the Electricity Bills category from the list above to demonstrate all new facilities. Other utilities in this section have the same capabilities.

1. Meter tab

After selecting Electricity Bills the landing tab is called Meters and has details of every meter on that property. On this tab, New Meter can be added manually or by using the import function (in More Actions). In addition, in More Actions, there is an option to upload meter readings for multiple Meters.

To add a meter two fields need to be completed: Serial Number and the Property it is assigned to. The main meter can also be selected. The main meter is, for example, one for the property linked to all individual ones for apartments.

After creating a Meter, Resident returns to the Meters list form where details can be accessed and modified such as readings, contacts or property assigned to.

When adding a meter reading manually, the following details need to be added (only those marked with red asterisk are mandatory).

In there are a number of readings that need adding, it may be easier to use the import function. You can access it from More Actions on the main meters list. The template which can be downloaded from there by default will contain all saved meters.

2. Contract tab

In the second tab inside the utility menu you can add a suppliers contract(s). This contract can be also linked to a Meter which, at the later development stage, will be used for recharges.

The picture below shows the Contract creation screen and all required information.