Creating your Arrears Workflow

Before you begin: Please ensure you have created all necessary message templates and document templates for this process. It is recommended to use the service charge arrears documents as templates and amend them to suit your needs for the new templates.

We can access the arrears templates area by navigating to 'Settings' > 'Templates' > 'Arrears Templates'.

This will take us to the list of current arrears workflows.

Here we can create a new arrears workflow or open and amend a workflow by clicking the 'Action' icon:

To create a new workflow we need to click the 'New Workflow' button. Now we can create a workflow and give it a name and Custom ID (optional).

Once we click 'Create' we will be taken back to the workflows list. We simply need to open our new workflow to begin adding steps.

Once open we can begin to create our workflow steps.

To create our first step we click the '+' button.

The following page will open. Now we must fill out the following details for our first arrears step.

Workflow Step Name: Here we name the step. This should be the title of the letter being sent.

Order In Workflow: Here we can set the order this step is in.

Message Template: Here we need to select the message template we set up for our arrears workflow.

Document Template: Here we need to select the document template we set up for our arrears workflow.

Role assigned to follow-up task: Here we select the role responsible for following up on this step.

Step waiting period (in days): Here we fill out the amount of days before the next step is to be taken. This will be used to create the due date on the letters and reminders.

Send attachment with letter?: This allows us to attach the unit statement to the step.

Once filled out we can click 'Create' and we will be taken back to the workflow page. Here we will now be able to see the step we have created.

To amend this we simply need to click the pencil button and to add more steps we must simple repeat the previous steps until we have created our workflow.

IMPORTANT: Irrespective of your desired Arrears Workflow length, your last 'Step' must be 'Settled'.

Whenever the arrears are settled by payment, if the below box is ticked - it will jump to the 'Settled' step and complete the process.

We now have the process ready to use on any Block. In order to follow this process and use it to chase Arrears you need to match Bank Accounts with the correct Categories. This is essential if a Block has more than one account and you want to list the correct account on a Template. If not, then any reference to a Bank Account will be linked to the default one. You can make this change after selecting a Block and then Accounts/Bank Accounts.