This article explains where to find and how to manage your Arrears process.

Here are further details on each of the open processes for Arrears. Our case study features Mr Master Resident who has already received three letters from us, and we are waiting for the 4th step to be triggered or his debt to be paid. Firstly we will have to access his record by going to Accounts/Arrears/Arrears: In Progress to find him. Then we simply press the 'eye' icon to access the details of what has been done.

This will take us to the Details tab:

In the Summary tab, on the top, you can see the Initial and Current Amounts (debt). Below, there are details of each of the steps taken. In this example, you can see the First Letter was sent on 07/08/17 by email. The user who sent it is called Mr First Librarian and the next step is due on 21/08/17. You can also download this as a pdf under Actions: Download pdf copy of documents sent. If a person doesn't have an email address then you can 'tick' the icon which confirms when the person was contacted by post. Please see example below.

At the bottom of this page, you can use the set of buttons which allow you to go back to a Previous page, trigger Next Step, Settle this debt or Delete (in More Actions).

Below is a short description regarding all the other tabs.

1. Messages. You can find copies of all correspondence sent during the arrears process. You can send Messages from here. If you do this from the Messages tab then a copy of that Message will be recorded in both your Outbox and that tab. Please refer to Messages article for more details.

2. Tasks. Here you can see and modify any Tasks created automatically or you can add any new ones. For more information regarding Tasks please refer to the Creating Tasks article.

3. Notes. You can add new or check existing notes here.

4. Files. Behind this tab you can keep a record of every document attached or sent during the entire Arrears process.

5. Log. Behind Log, as always, you can check any modifications to the page you are on.